dimanche 29 mai 2016


I am definitely attracted by this theme. 
I already made one like that but in 3ds max, last year I think.
It's not perfect but I will work on again until I found something I like.
Maybe an old gravure style could fit well.
We will see.

vendredi 27 mai 2016

Adventure Jam 2016

Hey peoples !

One time gain I worked on a game for the Gamejolt's Adventure Jam.
This time I focused on background art, props and as an "animation supervisor". Yeah it makes me feel very important I have to admit it...
I asked Violette to work on the animations for us. She worked mainly on the PNJ character design and animations. It was his first time working on pixel art ! Very satisfying right ? 

We already planned to make a game together. A sci-fi thing. You can see some screenshots on my lasts posts. But now we are even more motivated ! The process of writing this story will follow in the nexts months.

Anyway back to The Diary of a Roadie" which is a sequel to "The Rules of a Roadie". A game we are working on with CMMNCLRS. We thought that it could be a great idea to introduce ourselves and our future full game with a smaller project that could act as a stand-alone and fit in the Adventure Jam.

So now, what our little team will need is your opinion and your votes !

Give us a chance to know what your are thinking about our work. 
Comment or contact us wherever you want.

Here is where you can cast your vote and test our game :

Show us some love !