dimanche 28 février 2016

jeudi 18 février 2016

Pixel art news

A little update about my life.

I am having a lot of fun for the moment. The main reason is not only that stupid bird. Recently, I was hired for working on another game !

So, it means that I am currently working on three indie games !

- My own : In the very beginning - no name - a solo project, but I am open minded - still learning how to create a scenario - just sketching some sketches (see the sketch below).

- Ceased to be her demise : with Chronerion team - I don't know what I can tell you, but we are moving forward and I enjoy a lot working on this game. And it's gonna be available to play soon !

-The Rules of a roadie : A story about a roadie (thanks captain obvious). It's still on the very begining too, but we are moving forward and soon there will be a short trailer and some social media stuff to share. I was roadie like a hundred times, so it's totally a project for me !


dimanche 7 février 2016

Personal project update

Where am I going with this project?

Gamedev ? Animated short movie ?

I don't know but something will happens anyway.


mercredi 3 février 2016

Pixel art landscape

I just wanted to make an antique looking robot, covered by moss and vines. 
But no. 
That's not how things worked today.