vendredi 12 janvier 2018

La vallée de Cobalt

Voici la couverture de mon premier projet bd « La vallée de Cobalt ». 
Le 1er chapitre sera bientôt dispo quelque part sur le net.
En attendant je vous propose quelques images du processus.

Plus d’infos dans pas longtemps.

Et en bonus, une case mystérieuse 

mardi 11 avril 2017

A wild illustration comes from nowhere.

I made this one last month.
It started with a handraw sketch and then I finished it with an hybrid machine you can draw on. 

This thing is pretty much amazing!
It's composed of an electrical mind and a kind of window of colored lights.
Sometimes it's so hot, I think there is fire inside and hot wind comes out.
I think this is powered by tiny cogs and a steam engine of some sort.
I don't know, I am not an alchemist.



I recently saw the new Ghost in the shell movie and I am still in the hype after more than a week.
Also, I am reading and enjoyng the manga. It's fulled of complementary inforamation around the margin of the pages. They have enough of information to make a guide book to help peoples to catch every details of this amazing universe.

Enough of talking. I started to make a serie of the main characters but in pixel art.
I will probably do a big version with all of them.

Special bonus : A portrait of myself enjoying life.

March Of Robots

Here is a selection of my favorites drawings I made for the #MarchOfRobots challenge.

mercredi 15 février 2017

Dungeon Drawing dude challenge

This month I started the #dungeondrawingdude challenge but in the same time I also started a heavy week of freelance motion design and video edition job. So I tried to keep it up but unfortunately I had to stop doing the challenge.

I will show you here some of my favorites drawing of that challenge.
They took me around to 2 hours each to do.

Brand new website

Hello everybody.

I wanted to give you a little bit of news.

My brand new website is finally online.

I will use it to show my bests works in a more pro environment than it used to be this blog.

So I will keep updating this blog but with more daily contents and experiments.

You can go take a look here :

samedi 28 janvier 2017

Painting robots. I like painting robots

- He found a bird, but he don't know what to do after, there is no line for that in his code -